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2023-09-02 Courtenay MacDonald_366747_Proof.jpg

Hi - I'm Courtenay!

Let me start by saying this:  I was once exactly where you are today.

As a young woman, I struggled with self-doubt & felt unhappy in my skin. I was the girl that had failed every fad diet & after years of my weight yo-yo-ing, I found myself needing help; I always knew what to do - but could never stick to it on my own.


I wasn't happy with how I looked but also didn't know enough to make the changes I wanted (or how to make them stick). I rarely ate carbs, didn't know anything about nutrition or what I was feeding my body. I overindulged in alcohol multiple times a week & fully lived the party life over the next few years.


It wasn’t until 2016, when my daughter was born through egg donation & surrogacy that something clicked. My body wasn’t able to create or carry her, but I was bound & determined to ensure that it was strong enough to care for her.

I hired a coach & their instant impact on my life inspired me to pursue coaching as my own career. I quickly discovered how rewarding it was to help women transform their lives & achieve what they always wanted.


In 2020, I was diagnosed with my second round of Cervical Cancer & in the midst of a radical hysterectomy, a worldwide pandemic & a divorce, I took a big leap & I left my career as a Mechanical Engineer to pursue my dream of working for myself full time. I was not waiting for another sign telling me to do what I love permanently.

2023-09-02 Courtenay MacDonald_366881_Proof_edited.jpg

Fast forward to 2023 —>

My, now, 7 year old daughter & I are living our best lives in our little bachelorette pad with a handful of furry roommates. I'm 3+ years Cancer-Free, I have countless amazing clients & I’m continuing to expand, improve & perfect my services in the strength & nutrition industry. Seeing my clients kick ass & love themselves more every day? That's what keeps me going!


Today, my coaching approach revolves around the principle of balance. I help my clients transform their lives while still eating all the foods that they love through balance & a little bit of tough love. I want you to eat the donuts, but I’ll also be sure to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.


With Built By Balance Coaching, you're not just starting a program; you're embracing a lifestyle shift that's all about sustainable success & self-empowerment; one that I’ve taken myself & continue to live & thrive in each & every single day.


You don't need to restrict yourself to achieve your goals but you do need to acknowledge that some things need to change. If nothing changes, nothing will change & what you’re doing now isn’t working but you're about to learn how to enjoy the foods you love while making remarkable progress.


It's time to take the reins of your journey & create a future that's stronger, healthier, & utterly, unapologetically yours.


Let's embark on this exciting next chapter & make your investment in yourself pay off for years to come.

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