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Alisha A.

"[When I started with Court], I was in the process of coming off my antidepressants & my doctor encouraged me to add fitness to my routine to help with mental clarity. By the end of August [only 2 months in!], I had not only felt better mentally & physically & was fully off my meds but my body was *already* changing. I'm now 3 & a half years into my routine & I use my workouts like I took my medication.

The changes to my body have been incredible. What I love most about Built By Balance is that Court knows that I love my curves & she just wants her clients to feel the best that they can so as long as I'm happy & confident, that works for her.

I work out at home & Court develops programs that not only suit my equipment but makes them so that I'm always progressing. Everyday, I'm getting better, stronger & love myself even more!"

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